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5 things
  1. Keep Your CV Out of the Slush Pile. We follow up with the employer to find out the status of your submission. We make sure your CV was not overlooked. We advocate for you if the employer mistakenly thinks you are not a fit. It is not uncommon for CV’s to be rejected due to a simple misunderstanding that we are able to clear up for you.
  2. Present You As the Best Fit. We don’t just email CVs to employers randomly. We talk to employers about you, highlighting your experience, aspirations, and why you are a match for their needs. We know they hire for both hard and soft skills, and make sure to express both to them.
  3. Write Your Cover Letters. We know you’re busy, so we write your cover letter for you! The contents are personal to you and to the position: based on talking points (previously discussed with us) and your strengths as a candidate for that particular position. (This is important – employers want to know why you want their job, not any old job.)
  4. Share Both the Pros and Cons. We are transparent with you. We let you know the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the job you are interested in. We share both the positive and negative feedback we receive from the employer about you.
  5. Keep Your Search Confidential. Don’t want your employer or co-workers to know you are looking? We can ensure that the confidentiality of the search is protected. That is not possible when you search through job boards or submit directly to employers.