Lora Roberts, owner of Medhire is simply put, the only neurosurgical recruiter in the business. She is peerless. Her knowledge of all jobs in her portfolio is forensic and she is honest to a fault and will always advise her doctors of any pitfalls that she perceives. She has been a specialty neurosurgical recruiter for in excess of 20 years and I regard her as a friend as do all of her doctors. Any neurosurgeon who does not engage her services in job seeking is doing himself a disservice. Your service exhausts all superlatives!

Marius Maxwell, MD, PhD, FACS, AANS - Neurosurgeon

Ms. Roberts was instrumental in our recruitment of three outstanding Neurosurgeons for Genesys Health System. Ms. Roberts has a unique talent in attracting and guiding neurosurgeons as they search for practice opportunities. At the same time, she provides advice to a Hospital in need of a Neurosurgeon to assure that the Hospital finds an ideal candidate. We now have three very successful Neurosurgeons in our employment that far exceed our recruitment expectations. We are most grateful for Ms. Roberts assistance in this endeavor.

Young S. Suh - CEO, Genesys Health System, Grand Blanc Michigan

Dear Lora, This letter is long overdue and by no means adequate in expressing the depth of our gratitude to you. We thank you most sincerely for your tireless efforts in helping us explore many appealing professional opportunities. You were ALWAYS there for us through a grueling job search process that easily spanned nine months. Your promptness in returning calls, following up on leads and ferreting out information made working with you a job seeker's dream. You were consistently the most honest, reliable and professional of the many dozens of recruiters with whom we worked. Thank you for your remarkable generosity in sharing information, reference materials and advice. But more than anything, thanks for your steadfast encouragement and keen sense of humor which greatly helped Anne through the many ups and downs of this process. Lora, thank you again and be assured that we will recommend you to all neurosurgery job candidates we know. We know they won't be disappointed. Sincerely, Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Winters

Charles J. Winters, MD - Neurosurgeon

My search for a future practice position in Neurology required interaction with numerous physician recruiters. While the quality of recruiters ranged from superb to poor, I can truly say that Ms. Roberts stood far above the rest. Most recruiters called to inform me of a specific practice opportunity, and rarely any kept me informed on an ongoing basis. Not only did Ms. Roberts continually advise me in regards to possible interesting opportunities, she also conveyed a remarkable degree of knowledge pertaining to other specific aspects of the advertised practice. If she didn't immediately know an answer, I could be assured that she would find one quite soon. Needless to say, the practice I eventually chose was found by Ms. Roberts. Even up to the final stages of contract negotiations, she remained influential; serving as a sort of "mediator" by providing helpful contract examples, and valuable advice on handling many difficult scenarios. In all, I recommend Ms. Roberts without hesitation to any of my physician colleagues looking for practice opportunities. Qualities of integrity, caring, dependability, and thoroughness make her a real professional.

Robert A. Yapundich, M.D. - Neurosurgeon

I want to thank you very much for your assistance and guidance during my job search. This was a very difficult time in terms of decision-making for me and your assistance has been of great help. I want to thank you, once again, for all your suggestions and help with my job search. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend your services to any of my colleagues who are in pursuit of a neurosurgical position.

Marc Vanefsky, M.D. - Neurosurgeon

I wanted to thank you for helping me find my position on Long Island. Finishing residency was stressful enough without having to find a job afterwards, but you guys made it easy for me. You set up interviews with the right people and then provided a great soundboard to help me make my decision on which Neurology position to take. Overall I am thrilled with the choice I made. I recommended you to my junior resident colleagues and will continue to tell neurology residents and fellows how helpful you were throughout the job search process. Thanks again.

Andrew Rogove M.D., Ph.D. - Neurologist

You were awesome in finding me the right connection at the right time and saving me from a sinking ship.

Ronnie Goswami, M.D. - Neurologist

Most of the people would say that job search is painful and exhausting process. Not for me. Jason, the placement specialist, did an outstanding job. First, there was a phone call when Jason took some time to completely understand what I was looking for. Not long after that phone call, my first job interview was arranged. It was great. This was exactly the opportunity that I was dreaming about. My job search journey was over. Even after I signed the contract, Jason continued to check if everything was fine. I can truly say that through all this process Jason became friend to me and my family.

Zeljka Chobanov, MD - Neurologist