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Lora Roberts

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Lora Roberts is the founder of MedHIRE and has over 20 years experience recruiting neurosurgeons.

I love working with Neurosurgeons and have many Neurosurgery friends.

I have recruited Neurosurgeons for over 20 years, placing more Neurosurgeons
than any other recruiter in the United States.  My style is up-close and
personal, and my goal is to place a Neurosurgeon in a practice that is a good
fit, utilizing skills and goals in a setting where the Neurosurgeon will
thrive, flourish and stay!

By specializing exclusively in placing Neurosurgeons, I have the advantage
of understanding the Neurosurgery world. I have worked with over a
thousand Neurosurgeons and represented over 800 Hospitals, Clinics and
Private practices gaining a wealth of information that I provide to the
Neurosurgeon to make the search smooth and productive.

Before I started MedHIRE, I owned several other companies including
VR Business Brokers, listing and selling businesses. I raised four
children, and my daughter Laura Roberts Landino, joined me several years
ago and developed Neurology Placement.

In my spare time, I love to travel and I am an accomplished Watercolor painter.