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Recruitment Myth #1 – All Recruiters Are Alike

FALSE. Recruiters vary widely according to employment sector and business model.

Recruiters are divided up by employment sectors: Executive recruiters (aka “headhunters”) seek out upper management candidates for corporate clients; IT recruiters look for tech wizards, and so on for every major field you can imagine. As a rule, Physician Recruiters do not share a lot in common with recruiters in other sectors.

Physician Recruiters are hired by organizations to find doctors for them. They earn income either on a retainer or when they place a candidate. Physician Recruiters split into four main types: Contingency, Retained, In-House and Staffing Agencies.

  • Contingency Recruiters are paid only if the employer hires a candidate they submitted. They work with many employers. (MedHIRE is a contingency recruiter.) There are quite a few myths about contingency recruiters, but we’ll get around to those in future blog posts.
  • Retained Recruiters are paid in advance by an employer to find them a physician. Typically, they work with a handful of employers, and are under pressure to fill the positions they were paid to find.
  • In-House Recruiters are salaried employees of a hospital or large corporation with a lot of hiring needs. Some earn a bonus for physicians they hire.
  • Temporary Staffing Agencies are paid up front to provide Locum Tenens doctors. They are responsible for paying the physician’s salary and benefits and assist with permanent placement if the doctor decides to stay on.

The vast majority of physician recruiters are generalists. They work with candidates from every field and do not have time to learn about the specialties in detail.

MedHIRE is a Specialty Niche Recruiter with in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the neurosurgery/neurology world. We are one of the only recruitment agencies that exclusively specializes in neurosurgeons and neurologists. We have placed hundreds of doctors with hundreds of employers over the past 20 years.

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