We are specialized recruiters with knowledge of the market place and a following of neurosurgeons and neurologists who rely on us to find them the ideal job.

And, we love what we do!

  1. Why You Need A Specialized Recruitment Firm

    MedHIRE exclusively recruits neurologists and neurosurgeons.

    In this very competitive job market, employers and physician practices need to find innovative, effective ways to identify and hire quality physicians. The internal recruitment techniques that worked previously in a softer market may not necessarily work now. And, it may be cost-effective and easier to find your candidates through us.

    We have gained a top-notch reputation throughout the Neurosurgery and Neurology community of physicians, as being ‘on top’ of the job market. We have a large following of physicians who contact us when a need arises for them to relocate.

  2. Why You Need A Contingency Recruitment Firm
    • Cost-effective.  MedHIRE has lower fees than retained firms.
    • No upfront fees or costs . You only pay fees to MedHIRE when you hire a physician referred by us.
    • Flexible payment arrangements.  Our typical payment arrangement is a “split” – you pay half when the candidate signs the contract and the other half when the candidate commences work.
    • Unrestricted. You are free to work with other recruitment firms.
  3. How We’re Different
    • Exclusive.  We only recruit neurologists and neurosurgeons.
    • Experienced.  We have been in the business for two decades.
    • Excellence. Our reputation is such that we have represented over 200 employers.
    • Reliable.  We are an established, family-owned and operated firm with zero recruiter turnover.
    • Streamlined. Our clients/employers primarily work with one contact person – eliminating the multiple calls and confusion all too often encountered at larger search firms.
    • Relationship Builders. We get to know your practice and we build relationships with clients and candidates that stand the test of time. We do not consider ourselves salespeople, and many clients and candidates have become friends.
  4. What To Expect
    • We take a detailed job order from you to determine your specific needs and requirements.
    • We write a detailed description of your opportunity and post it on our confidential website ~ only registered neurosurgeons and neurologists may view these descriptions.
    • Depending upon the availability of candidates, we may discuss with you suggestions to attract more candidates.
    • Our present pool of candidates is then researched for potential matches that meet your specified criteria.
    • Candidates identified as potential matches are contacted and your practice opportunity is presented. After obtaining the candidates’ authorization, we then present interested candidates to you for consideration. A cover letter, candidate CV and state licensure verification (if available) is submitted to you.
    • You review the CV’s we’ve submitted and conduct preliminary telephone interviews. Once mutual interest is established, an on-site interview is scheduled. If requested, we will assist you with scheduling and travel arrangements.
    • If requested, we initiate reference checks or gather the contact information for you if you wish to conduct reference checking on your own.
    • Once an offer is made, we maintain a role of facilitator, keeping all parties talking and engaged until a contract is signed and the neurologist is successfully on board. By being the middle person and getting information from both sides, we preserve the relationship between you and the candidate.
    • We maintain contact with the physician candidate right up until his/her start work date to ensure that state licensure and hospital credentialing are proceeding successfully, ensuring that your new physician is ready to come on board without a hitch.
    • In short, we will go the extra mile to find you the ideal candidate.


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