We only recruit neurosurgeons and neurologists.
    Placing doctors for over two decades.
    We go the extra mile to connect you with the ideal job.


  1. On Your Side

    We are on your side. We’re all about lasting connections with candidates and clients. Matching you with a job is just the simple nuts and bolts of recruitment. We are invested in your long-term success.

  2. Valuable Job Market Insight

    We provide valuable insight on:

    • salary
    • incentive packages
    • compensation structure
    • job market
    • hiring trends
    • shortages
    • malpractice
    • and more…
  3. Employers Listen To Us

    We have established relationships with employers so we know how they operate, what they look for, and who the decision-makers are.  MedHIRE has numerous contractual relationships that have lasted for years, with practices returning for our services again and again, as the need arises.  

    Employers listen to us. Clients come to us because they know we have top candidates and when we present someone, they listen. If an employer does not see where you fit into their practice, we will advocate for you.

  4. Find the Ideal Job

    We can steer you to jobs that are interesting or relevant, but we will not pressure you. We respect your priorities and preferences.

    Everyone will tell you to network for jobs, but no matter how big your network is, ours is bigger. Leverage it.  We also know about jobs that are not advertising. These might be jobs that are confidential or in the early stages of recruitment.

    Confidential search? We can present you to clients while maintaining your confidentiality. We can strictly share your credentials and only share your name if both sides are interested. When you submit your CV to any job board, even that of a hospital, you run the risk of your current employer finding your submission online. Not to mention having multiple recruiters calling you and calling you.

  5. Let us do the heavy lifting.

    Sorting through jobs, writing cover letters, submitting CV’s, following up, etc are tedious, time-consuming tasks for a busy doctor.

    We keep the process moving by checking on status often, coordinating interview or site visits, and getting feedback.

    We do this for you so you can focus on what is important – job interviews.